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Nano Book Award [2015]

This award is given to book writers for the most influential book in any area of nanotechnology published in recent years. There is no restriction in the book type, and the main criterion of judgment is impact on the nanotechnology community or the public society.
Applicants must be author or co-author of a book published in any area of nanotechnology, and also an active member of the Society. Books published or sponsored by the American Nano Society will be automatically nominated for this award, and there is no need for application by the authors.

Application includes

1. A PDF version of the book published in 2012 or 2013.
2. Full curriculum vitae.
3. A biography with emphasis on career in nanotechnology.

The applicant must be active member of the Society.

The Award

The award included a suitably engraved certificate and cash prize of $1,500.00.


Candidates must self-nominate themselves.

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