Nanotechnology Community
Nanotechnology Community

Special Policy on Publications

Here at the American Nano Society, we have a special policy on various aspects of scientific research including scientific publications. It is believed that scientific publication has lots its scientific mission and goes astray. The birth of small marketing niche merely for making money is a serious problem; though it may not be visible at this time. Thus, we do our place to introduce new alternatives to focus on the essence of science. As a part of this mission, we attempt to apply a special policy for all publications:

1. Online version of all publications will be freely available on the web for personal usage.

2. We widely provide hardcopy of the publications as a part of membership benefit to our specialized members.

3. There is absolutely no charge for publication.

4. We offer color publication free of charge both online and in print.

5. We do out best to reduce the time of publication (typically less than two months from submission to publication with full citation).
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