Nanotechnology Community
Nanotechnology Community

Society Governance

Ali Eftekhari, National Institute of Arts & Sciences

To be elected.

Shoou-Jinn Chang, National Cheng Kung University
Pi-Tai Chou, National Taiwan University
Mustafa Culha, Yeditepe University
Dimitris Drikakis, University of Strathclyde
Anatoliy Dvurechenskii,Russian Academy of Science
Arzum Erdem, Ege University
Hicham Fenniri, Northwestern University
Gerardo Goya, University of Zaragoza
Ya-Dong Li, Tsinghua University
Rafael Luque, Universidad de Córdoba
Giovanni Neri, University of Messina
Sundara Ramaprabhu, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Ramgopal Rao, IIT Bombay
Andrey Rempel,Russian Academy of Sciences
Harry Ruda, University of Toronto
Alexander Seifalian, University College London
Alberto Vomiero, CNR National Council for Research
Dongyuan Zhao, Fudan University

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The main theme of the American Nano Society is explicitly declared in the Bylaws as defines the fro...
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ANS is the world's largest society for people working in the realms of nanotechnology: 7,000 member...
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Nanotechnology is a popular interdisciplinary field, but what is nano and where is the boundaries o...
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The main theme of the ANS is to make a large family of people from different disciplines with a com...
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