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How ANS Books Are Different from Other Publishers

Like other activities, the American Nano Society aims to follow it special policy to publish nanotechnology books with the aid of modern technology. Here you can find a few examples of incredible features offered to both authors and readers.

ANS BooksOther Publishers
Author's Royaltynormally 40%2 - 10 %
Online and PrintAll books will be published both online and in printSome volumes
PriceYou can choose from a rangePublisher decides
Online VersionYou can decide to be free or very cheapThe Publisher normal price
Proposal Review2 Weeksnormally 3 - 6 months
Submission to Publicationmaximum 1 monthnormally 6 - 12 months
Colorful Modern LayoutFor all booksfor expensive volumes only
Cover DesignCustom drawing for the book subjecttext-based cover or using a typical figure from the content

If you have an idea for publishing high-quality book in any branch of nanotechnology, you can submit your proposal online by this THIS FORM.
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