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Both acceptance and success of a patent rely on words, and this is the reason that patent claims must be prepared by specialized patent attorneys; otherwise, a valuable patent can be just a piece of paper. However, this process is more complicated for nanotechnology patents for two main reasons:

1. Nanotechnology is a new and emerging field, and a few experienced patent attorney (if any) can be fully familiar with the subject.
2. Literature review is an important part of patenting, but nanotechnology literature is different from other areas of research, as widely spread across different disciplines.

The American Nano Society forms a specialized team of nanotechnology experts and patent attorneys who are similar with nanotechnology to prepare more effective patents. This will save your time and make a stronger protections of your invention patented.

Currently, the program is only limited to US Patents, but international applicants are highly welcome. As a matter of fact, this programs is also ideal for international applicants who are far from the United States Patent system.

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