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Nanotechnology Community

Membership Categories

With more than 7,000 members from 105 countries, American Nano Society is the world's largest community of people involved in nanotechnology. There are different classes of memberships to suite a broad range of audience. Please review the membership classes of the Society to find which class fits your involvement in nanotechnology. Then, you need to send an application for the corresponding class.The membership in the American Nano Society is divided to six groups. 

Membership in the American Nano Society divides to five categories:

Honorary Members: for highly distinguished scientists in the realms of nanotechnology.

Fellow Members: for people who have significantly contributed to nanotechnology. The maximum number of fellow members is limited to 1% of total members. The membership fee is $125.

Full Members: the main class of membership, which will be granted to researchers who have made substantial works in any field of nanotechnology. Application for full membership is subject to review to meet the minimum requirement for this category. This will be judged mainly by research works or contributions in the realms of nanotechnology. The membership fee is $95.

Associate Members: for anyone interested in nanotechnology. This category is open to all without restriction. The membership fee is $50.

Student Members: for students who study in any field connected with nanotechnology. The membership fee is $40.
Fellow Membership
Fellow membership is a senior level of members for those have exceptionally contributed to nanotech...
Full Membership
There is a strict processes to grant full membership to candidates....
Membership Regulations
The Society has strict regulations for the membership to provide a safe and secure community....
Membership Benefits Membership Benefits
The Society offers a wide range of benefits to the members....
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