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Fellow Membership

Fellow membership can be granted in two-step process. In the first step, the candidate must be endorsed by two distinguishable scholars in the realms of nanotechnology. Then, the corresponding committee will judge the eligibility of offering fellow membership.


Review of application for fellow membership is based on scientific achievements as judged by the reviewers and committee. The number of fellow members is limited to 1% of the Society total members. Normally, an applicant should hold a professor position with strong commitment to nanotechnology research.

Please make sure that your achievement far above the criteria needed for full membership to be qualified for fellow membership.


Since the review process takes a few months, a full member in his/her third year of membership is eligible to submit an application for fellow membership.

The application is accompanied by a payment of $125 fellow membership due for the forthcoming year + $50 processing fee. The processing fee is non-refundable. However, if the application is unsuccessful, $125 will be credited to the applicant online account, which can be used for full membership renewal or transfer to colleagues. Note that we do not have partial refund system.

The Process

Applicant must be a Full Member of the Society for three successive years. S/he can apply during his/her third years of membership.

Application must be endorsed by two members of the Society (Full Member of Fellow Member). One of them must be necessarily Fellow Member, or the Society Officer (including current and past), but not member of the fellow committee. The applicant must request his/her endorsement to submit online endorsement for him/her. Alternatively, the applicant can ask his/her own colleagues (if they are distinguished persons in the realms of nanotechnology) to endorse his/her as supporting recommendation.

The Application including supporting materials and endorsements will be presented to the fellow committee. They will vote for the application independently.

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