Nanotechnology Community
Nanotechnology Community

Full Membership

For joining the Society as a Full Member, you must have a record of significant contribution to nanotechnology. You must meet at least 5 criteria from the following list:


? Holding position of Full Professor

? Published at least 20 papers related to nanotechnology

? Published at least 50 papers

? H-index larger than 15

? Published at least 5 nanotechnology papers in the last year

? Registered at least 10 patents connected with nanotechnology

? Published at least 2 books about nanotechnology

? Entrepreneurship success in the realms of nanotechnology 

? Important contribution to the Society

If you meet these conditions you can apply for membership HERE. We will send your application to two external reviewers to judge your eligibility for Full Membership. Upon approval, you will be granted Full Membership, otherwise, your membership category will be Associate. Obviously, membership fee is non-refundable. From February 1, 2013, there will be a one-time application fee of $50.00 for external refereeing of applications for full membership.

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Fellow Membership
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Membership Regulations
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