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Membership Regulations

Membership Due

Like any other scientific society, the main source of fund for the Society activities is the membership dues. Thus, we encourage our members to support their own Society by paying their membership fees in due time. Upon failure to do so, we do not delete the public profile, but downgrade the membership level. As a result, there should be no right of active members for participating in the Society activities. It is NOT possible to undo the downgrade process, and a reviewing process is needed to enter the previous membership level.

Maintaining Membership

Following the strategy of the State of sunshine, Florida, all members need to keep their public profile. Definitely, the members have right and full control to make their information private, but basic information (such as name, affiliation, etc) should be public. Upon removing such information or changing them to fake values, the membership will be terminated without notice. This includes a valid email, as email correspondence is our main method of communication. If you email has been changed or no longer in use, please update your profile and let us communicate with you properly.

Termination of Membership

Any member can request a termination of membership by formal request. An email is sufficient for this purpose, but it should be originated from the email in file. For obvious reasons, all membership payments are non-refundable.
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