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What Is Result-Oriented Research?

There is no magic in result-oriented research, it is just opposite to wandering in the science world for accidental discoveries. While the latter was actually led to numerous seminal discovery in the history of science, it is not very scientific and more importantly it is no cost-effective.

The strategy of result-oriented research is to focus on solvable problems, rather than critical ones. In other words, we define an imaginative goal to very small steps, which are tangible and feasible. Another important factor is to have convincing theory for the research. Most of junior researchers use "try and error" strategy in their experiments to achieve noticeable results. This method is very expensive. In result-oriented research, we must have an idea based on proper theoretical consideration, and experiments are performed to confirm our theoretical idea. Since this is a short step with theoretical perspective, it will be likely to achieve the results foreseen.

There is no guarantee for the result of a research; otherwise, scientific research would lose its meaning, attraction, and beauty. The passion of scientific research is to face unexpected results. Result-oriented research is gradual moving toward unexpected achievements rather than "all or nothing".
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