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Background of Virtual Collaboration

The Virtual Collaboration Program (VCP) is based on a creative research strategy (named result-oriented) using a novel methodology (name virtual tools and techniques). The main missions of this program is

1. Fostering research culture through scientific strategies of research. The aim is to conduct cost-effective research based on scientific reasoning, as an essential alternative to common "try and error" strategy.

2. Effectively utilizing modern virtual tools to build effective scientific collaborations. Although digital world has fully changed the life of people, as it had less effect on research collaboration. The quantity and quality of international collaborations have not been changed as it was expected. We had similar collaboration through long distances, though there is no geographical barriers in the virtual world we live in.

Obviously, these are general issues in scientific research and necessary for all areas of research; however, they are more important in nanotechnology as an emerging field:

1. There is still no unified educational background for nanotechnology researchers.
2. The research pathways are not drawn, as the everyday diverse discoveries introduce new possibilities and ideas. In the lack of practical demands (e.g. industrial products), there are less common directions.

On the other hand, the American Nano Society wishes to introduce pioneering research strategies which can be used in other areas of research. Owing to the interdisciplinary nature of nanotechnology, people from quite different disciplines are actively involved in nanotechnology. Therefore, where can be a better field for pioneering research strategies than nanotechnology?
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