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Virtual Collaboration Program

Nanotechnology is still an emerging area of research. Many people (particularly young eager researchers) are highly motivated to get involved in nanotechnology research, but this needs creative idea to initiate a research project. Owing to the popularity of nanotechnology, advanced instruments for nanotechnology research are widely available in universities and research centers; instrumental experiments are no longer an obstacle in nanotechnology research.
The main problems for experimental researchers to conduct world-class research are

1. Having a creative idea for starting a cutting-edge research
2. Properly analyzing the experimental results obtained

In this program, we want to match theoretical researcher with experimental researchers. Young researchers (including graduate students, post-doc researchers, and assistant professors) can apply for the program. There is no financial interest in this program, and the match is merely scientific collaboration between two parties for experimental and theoretical studies. The main theme is Low-budget result-oriented research.

The research procedure normally is:

1. Brainstorming by the theoretical researcher to introduce a creative idea and designed experiments.
2. Experimental researcher performs the experiments. Since the entire project is low-budget, no special fund is needed; but the experimental researcher must have right to conduct these experiments in his/her lab. This can be part of his/her academic project. In this case, his/her mentor can be included in this program.
3. The theoretical researcher analyze the experimental results to write research papers to be published scholarly journals.

How You Can Apply?

1. You must already have a running research project in your institute.
2. If your project is supervised by a faculty member, s/he must agree with your experimental activities in this program.

Submit your application for consideration. The criteria of selection include to your passion for research, past experiences, experimental skills, and more importantly matching your project with the available areas defined by the theoretical researchers.

Theoretical Researchers

If you want to join this program as an theoretical researcher, please contact the Society Secretary at

NOTE: This program is still in preliminary stage, we strongly appreciate any suggestions and comments to enhance this novel program.
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