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Why You Might Be Interested?

Building international collaboration is always benefitial in scientific research, particularly when it is provided through a global program like the present one; however, you might be interested in this program for a particular reason such as:

You have research fund, but no creative idea for cutting-edge research

You have access to advanced instruments, but no convincing research to be conducted

You have a convincing theory, but not accessing to required instruments to test it

You have conducted a good research, but having limited skills to analyze the data, discuss the topic, write the article, and publish it

Your project was applied, but you want to conduct a side project to publish some articles

The fact is that:

Some are good experimentalist, some are good theoreticians

Some are good thinkers, some have a broad range of knowledge

Some have fund, some have time

Some have access to advanced instruments, some have human resource
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Who Might Be Interested? Who Might Be Interested?
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