MembershipMembership in the American Nano Society serves two purposes.

First, as a network facilitating access to the rapidly growing activities in the realm of nanotechnology, members enjoy discounted rates for a wide range of services such as events, publications, etc.

Second, the membership level recognizes the achievements and contributions of people working in any area of nanoscience and nanotechnology. To meet this goal, the Society has adopted the well-established membership schema of the Higher Education Academy. The membership categories are:

Member: This is the basic membership category, which is open to anyone who is interested in nanoscience and nanotechnology. There is no requirement for applying for this level of membership. The members can benefit from all ranges of services and benefits provided by the Society.

Associate Fellow: This membership category is limited to early-career researchers (at the postdoctoral or assistant professor level) who have made exceptional contributions (usually in the form of published works).

Fellow: This membership level recognizes the entry-level contribution in the field of nanoscience or nanotechnology.

Senior Fellow: As the title suggests, this level is limited to those who have made significant contributions in the field of nanoscience or nanotechnology.

Principal Fellow: This is the highest level of membership and is strictly reserved for those who have made noticeable achievements in the area of nanoscience or nanotechnology.

The detailed procedure for the membership application can be found in the Members Portal.

All the applications will be preliminarily screened by the Society, however, the decision is made through a standard peer-review process. The applications will be sent to experts in similar fields for independent reviews.