How to Apply for Fellow Membership?We have made the process of fellow membership applications as simple as possible.

1. Carefully check the requirement for each grade of Fellow membership at this link.

2. Create an account HERE and submit your application HERE. The application mostly relies on public profiles such as the list of publications, but you provide a statement highlighting your achievements, which are not evident. We highly recommend providing your ORCID profile. You need to pay the non-refundable application fee of $70. However, there is no need to pay the annual due at this stage.

NOTE: Please carefully choose the grade. Since the applications undergo a rigorous peer-review process by independent reviewers, it is unlikely to be successful in a grade you are not eligible for.

3. Your application will be sent to at least three peer-reviewers. You can check the peer-review process HERE. The status of your application can be checked online at any time.

4. Upon clear endorsement by the peer-reviewer, the Fellow status will be granted. Please note that the decision is entirely based on the peer-review process. This means you cannot appeal against the decision, but you can submit a new application, which will be sent to new reviewers. Albeit, if there is a clear controversy in the reviewers' reports, we may consult another reviewer to make the final judgement.