How Are Fellows Elected?The process of electing Fellow Members is through a standard peer-review system.

Every application is sent to at least three independent peer-reviewers.

All three reviewers should clearly recommend the admission of the applicant to the given grade.

If the majority of the reviewers recommended the admission and there was no unequivocal recommendation against the admission, we send the application to an additional reviewer. The decision is based on the recommendation of that reviewer.

If some reviewers recommended a higher grade, the applicant can send a new application for the higher grade. The positive recommendations of the previous peer-review process will be used in the new application. For example, if an applicant applied for Fellow and two out of three reviewers recommended Senior Fellow grade, the applicant can re-apply as a Senior Fellow. In the new application, two previous reports recommending Senior Fellow will be used and the application will be sent to one reviewer only.