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Alioune Aidara Diouf

CRIWL / Bambey University


N°1 : The effects of shell on the magnetics properties in the nanoparticles

A.A. Diouf (a,b) - S. Bouhou (a) – A. Ainane (a, c, d)

a- Laboratoire De Physique des Matériaux et Modélisations des Systèmes, (LP2MS), Unité Associée au CNRS-URAC 08, Physics Departement, Faculty of Sciences, University of Moulay Ismail, B.P 11201, Meknes, Morocco
b- University of Dakar (Senegal) Nanoscience Laboratory/University of Bambey (Senegal), Informatic Departement B.P 30 Bambey, Senegal
c- Max-Planck-Institut für Physik Complexer Système, Nöthnitzer Str. 38,01187 Dresden, Germany
d- Laboratoire de Physique des Milieux Denses (LPMD), Institut de Chimie, Physique et Materiaux (ICPM), Bd. Arago, 57070, Metz, France.

Now a day, the effects of shell shows an important role in the nanoparticle’s domain. In this item, we try to show the importance of the effects of shell on the magnetics properties, magnetization, susceptibility and hysteresis loops, described by the transverse ising model using the effective field within the probability distribution. Then, we interpret the results and deduce their interests in some applications.

Keywords: Effects of Shell – reduce exchange interaction of shell – magnetization – hysteresis loops – Susceptibility

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