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Zouhair Majdi BACCAR

National Institute of Research and Physicochemical Analysis


My main interests focus on the development of new hybrid nanomaterials Biomolecule / LDH and surface functionalization of capacitive transducers as well as Field Effect.
My research concern the development of layered double hydroxides (LDH) in which we immobilize biomolecules species such as enzymes, antibodies or oligonucleotides. A semiconductor transducer of the biosensor were modified by deposing a thin layer (less than 100nm) of hybrid nanomataterials of for its functionnalization. One of the main complexities of this work lies in the immobilization of bioreceptors without release into the analyte in the storage solution (if necessary) or during regeneration of the biomembrane. In addition, the host matrix must meet the maximum bioreceptors conformation which must remain very close to the biomolecule and free, in order to preserve maximum catalytic and physicochemical properties and thus produce highly sensitive biosensors. Finally, the choice of LDH is crucial to ensure both an optimal anchor bioreceptors but also surface functionalization of transducer-based semi-conductor by depositing a thin layer self-assembled uniform and adheres strongly to the oxide insulator.


PI of :
6 Spanish-Tunisian (AECI and AECID) for developing biosensor based on hybrid nanomaterials for long probe of DNA, fibrosis cystic diagnosis, histamine and toxin in mollusk monitoring,
1 Morocco-Tunisian (CMPTM) program on development of biosensors for milk quality monitoring.


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Grade: Member

Member since June 3, 2011
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Address: Technopôle de Sidi Thabet
Phone: + 216 71 537 659
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