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Chia-Ching Chang

Biological Science and Technology
National Chiao Tung University


Peer Reviewed Journal articles: *: Corresponding author.
1.Tseng S-H, JangJian P-C, Tsai C-M, Cheng T-M, Chu H-L and Chang C-C* (2011) Ni2+ enhanced charge transport via pi-pi stacking corridor in metallic-DNA. Biophysical J. 100, 1042-1048.
2. Cheng T-M, Tseng S-H, Lee T-C, Pan J-P, Mao S. J.T., Chang C-C* (2011) Human Haptoglobin Phenotypes and Concentration Determination by Nanogold-enhanced Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, Nanotechnology, 22, 245105.
3. Cheng, T.-M., Mao, S. J.T., Lai S.-T., Chang C.-C., Yang M.-C., Chen N.-C., Chou S.-C., Pan J.-P. (2011) Hemoglobin-induced oxidative stress is associated with both endogenous peroxidase activity and H2O2 generation from polyunsaturated fatty acids. Free Radical Research 45, 303-316 (SCI, IF 2.215)
4. Liu YK, Lin YL, Chen CH, Lin CM, Ma KL, Chou FH, Tsai JS, Lin HY, Chen FR, Cheng TL, Chang C-C, Liao KW. (2011) A unique and potent protein binding nature of liposome containing polyethylenimine and polyethylene glycol: a nondisplaceable property. Biotechnol Bioeng,108, 1318-1327..
5. Lin C.-Y., Huang Y.-S., Li C.-H., Hsieh Y.-T., He P.-J., Hsu W.-T., Yeh Y.-C., Chiang F.-H., Wu M.-S., Chang C.-C., Liao K.-W.* (2009) Characterizing the polymeric status of Helicobacter pylori heat shock protein 60. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun 388,283-289.
6. Jangjian P.C., Liu T-F, Tsai C.-M., Li M.-Y., Tsai M.-S.,Tseng S.-H., Cheng T.-M. and Chang C.-C.* (2009) DNA mismatch detection by metal ion enhanced impedance analysis. Chinese J. Physics 47, 740-747.
7. Li M, Huang Y-S, Jeng U-S*, Hsu I-J*, Wu Y-C-S, Lai Y-H, Su C-H, Lee J-F, Wang Y, and Chang C-C (2009) Resonant X-ray Scattering and Absorption for the Global and Local Structures of Cu-modified Metallothioneins in Solution. Biophysical J. 97, 609-617.
8. Liu C.-P., Wey M.-T., Chang C.-C.*,Kan L.-S. (2009) Direct observation of single molecule conformational change of tight-turn paperclip DNA triplex in solution. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 159, 261-269 .(IF: 1.643; Ranking 86/138)
9. Jang Jian P.-C., Liu T.-F., Li M.-Y., Tsai M.-S., Chang C.-C.* (2009) Room temperature negative differential resistance in DNA-based molecular devices. Applied Physics Letters. 94, 043105 (2009) This paper has been selected for publication in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research (2009) and This paper has been selected for publication in Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology (2009) (IF: 3.596; Ranking 8/94).
10. Chang C.-C.*,Chen P.-H.,Chu H.-L.,Lee T.-C., Chou C.-C., Chao J.-I., Su C.-Y., Chen J. S.,Tsai J.-S.,Tsai C.-M., Ho Y.-P., Sun K.-W., Cheng C.-L., Chen F.-R. (2008) Laser induced popcorn-like conformational transition of nano-diamond as a nano-knife. Applied Physics Letters. 93, 033905. This paper has been selected for publication in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research (2008) (IF: 3.596; Ranking 8/94)
11. JangJian P.-C., Liu T.-F., Tsai C.-M., Tsai M.-S., Chang C.-C.* (2008) Ni2+ doping DNA: a semiconducting biopolymer. Nanotechnology 19, 355703. (IF: 3.310; Ranking 2/67)
12. Liu K.-K., Chen M.-F., Chen P.-Y., Lee T. J.F., Cheng C.-L., Chang C.-C., Ho Y.-P. ,Chao J.-I. (2008) Alpha-bungarotoxin binding to target cell in a developing visual system by carboxylated nanodiamond. Nanotechnology, 19 205102. (IF: 3.310; Ranking 2/67)
13. Chang C.-C.*, LinP.-Y.,Chen Y.-F, Chang C.-S., Kan L.-S. (2007) Direct visualization of triplex DNA molecular dynamics by fluorescence resonance energy transfer and atomic force microscopy measurements. Applied Physics Letters 91, 213901; This paper has been selected for publication in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research (2007) (IF: 3.596; Ranking 8/94).
14. K.W. Sun* and C.C. Chang (2007) Patterning of magnetic molecular self-assembly on semiconductor substrates. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of solids 68, p.1211-1214. (IF:0.899; Ranking:36/61)
15. Liu, K.-K., Cheng, C.-L., Chang, C.-C., and Chao, J.-I.* (2007) Biocompatible and detectable carboxylated nanodiamond on human cell. Nanotechnology. 18 (2007) 325102. (IF: 3.310; Ranking 2/67)
16. Chao J.-I, Perevedentseva E., Chung P.- H., Liu K.- K., Cheng C.-Y., Chang C.- C., Cheng C. - L*. (2007) Nanometer-Sized Diamond Particle as a Probe for Bio labeling. Biophysics J. 93, 2199-2208. Cover Story. This paper has been selected in The Virtual Journal of Nanotechnology Environment, Health and Safety (2007) (IF: 4.627; Ranking: 10/69)
17. Chang C.-C*. and Kan L.-S. (2007) Protein folding: an antagonistic reaction of spontaneous folding and diffusion limited aggregation in nature. Chinese. J. Phys. 45, 693-702 (IF: 0.165; Ranking: 66/69)
18. Hsiao P.-W., Chang C.-C., Liu H.-F., Tsai C.-M., Chiu T.-H., and Chao J.-I (2007) Activation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase by celecoxib oppositely regulates survivin and gamma-H2AX in human colorectal cancer cells. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology. 222, 97-104. (IF: 3.846; Ranking 6/73)
19. Cheng C. - Y., Perevedentseva E., Tu J. - S., Chung P. - H., Cheng C. - L*., Liu K.-K., Chao J.-I.*, Chen P.-H., Chang C.-C.* (2007) Direct and In vitro observation of growth hormone receptor molecules in A549 human lung epithelial cells by nanodiamond labeling. Applied Physics Letters, 90, 163903. (SCI). This paper has been selected in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research (2007) (IF: 3.596; Ranking 8/94)
20. Chang C.-C, Sun K.-W*., Lee S.-F., Kan L.-S (2007) Self-assembled Molecular Magnets on Patterned Silicon Substrates: Bridging Bio-molecules with Nanoelectronics. Biomaterials 28, 1941-7. (SCI) Leading opinion. (IF: 6.262; Ranking: 2/44)
21. Chang C.-C, Sun K.-W., Kan L.-S, Kuan C.H. (2006) Guided Three-dimensional Molecular Self-assembly on Silicon Substrates. Applied Physics Letters 88, 263104. This paper has been selected for the Volume 14, Issue 2 of Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research. This paper has been selected for the Volume 12, Issue 1, 2006 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology, too. (SCI) (NSC 94-2112-M-009-039)
22. Chang C.-C*, Lee S.-F.; Sun K.-W., Ho C.-C.; Chen Y.-T.; Chang C.-H., Kan L.-S. (2006) Mn,Cd-metallothionein-2: A room temperature magnetic protein. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 340, 1134-1138. (SCI) (NSC 94-2112-M-009-039).
23. Chang C.-C*., Lin C.-S.,Chen M.-C.,Liu Y.-C., Huang Y.-F., Lin P.-Y.,Chen Y.-F,Chang C.-S., Kan L.-S.(2006) Folding and Structural Characterization of Recombinant Cyclin-dependent Kinase Inhibitor p21(Cip1, Waf1, Sdi1), Biophysical Reviews and Letters. 1, 45-56. (NSC 94-2112-M-009-039)
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31. Chang,CC, Tsai, CT and Chang, CY (2002) Structural restoration of inactive recombinant fish growth hormones by chemical chaperonin and solvent restraint approaches. Protein Engineering 15: 437-441 (SCI)
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33. Chang CC, Liao WF and Huang PC (1998) Cysteine contributions to binding preference for Zn/Cd in -domain of metallothionein. Protein Engineering 11: 40-46. (SCI)
34. Chang CC and Huang PC (1996) Semi-empirical simulation of Zn/Cd binding site preference in the metal binding domains of mammalian metallothionein. Protein Eng 9:1165-1172. (SCI)
35. Liu YC, Chen GS and Chang CC (1995) Mutation of gene required for cell spreading is corrected by serum or factor secreted by normal cells. In Vitro Cell Dev. Biol.-Animal 31: 571-573. (SCI)
36. Chang CC, Chou YC, and Wu WG (1994) SERS study of the transport of ATP through the DPPC bilayer. Proc. Natl. Sci. Counc. ROC(A)18: 163-167.
37. Huang JK and Chang CC (1994) Computer simulation of enzymatic reactions. Chemistry (Taiwan) 52: 246-250.

Other papers and book chapters:
1. KW Sun and C-C Chang (2011) Bridging Biomolecules with Nanoelectronics in “Handbook of Nanophysics: Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics” Taylor & Francis Group.
2. Peng-Chung JangJian, Shin-Hua Tseng, Chuan-Mei Tsai, Tsai-Mu Cheng, Hsueh-Liang Chu and Chia-Ching Chang*. (2010) DNA: a native nano-wire in nature. Instruments Today, 177, 61-71.
3. J.I. Chao, E. Perevedentseva, C.C. Chang, C.Y. Cheng, K.K. Liu, P.H. Chung, J.S. Tu, C.D. Chu, S.J. Cai, and C.L. Cheng (2010) Protein–Nanodiamond Complexes for Cellular Surgery: Nanodiamond and Its Bioapplications Using the Spectroscopic Properties as Probe for Biolabeling. In Nanodiamonds:Applications in Biology and Nanoscale Medicine (D Ho Ed.), pp 189-224. Springer, New York.
4. W. K. Liu, A. Adnan, A. M. Kopacz, M. Hallikainen, D. Ho, R. Lam, J. Lee, T. Belytschko, G. Schatz, Y.H. T. Tzeng, Y.-J. Kim, S. Baik, M. K. Kim, T. Kim, J.H. Lee, E.-S. Hwang, S. Im, E. Ōsawa, A. Barnard, H.-C. Chang, C.-C. Chang, and E. Oñate (2010) Design of Nanodiamond Based Drug Delivery Patch for Cancer Therapeutics and Imaging Applications, pp 249-284. Springer, New York.
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7. Chang C-C* (2006) Protein forlding and aggregation. 物理雙月刊, 28, 668-675.
8. 張家靖,陳冠舟,孫建文(2006) 矽基版表面蛋白質奈米柱之自組裝, Chemistry (The Chinese Chem. Soc., Taipei), 64, 477-482.
9. Chang C-C*, and Kan L.-S. (2005) Manipulation and Characterization of Nano-Biomolecules, Symposium on Nano Device Technology 2005. pp95~98.
10. Chang CC and Huang PC (1999) Simulation of Zn/Cd binding in mammalian metallothionein domains. In Metallothionein IV (Klaassen CD ed.) Pp 45-49.Birkhauser Verlag publish, Boston.
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