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UMR 6226
Université de Rennes 1


[1] Functional silica nanoparticles synthesized by water-in-oil microemulsion processes,Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 341, no. 2, 201–208, 2010

[2] Synthesis and characterisation of magnetic-luminescent composite colloidal nanostructures,International Journal of Nanotechnology, 7, no. 1, 46–57, 2010

[3] When "metal atom clusters" meet ZnO nanocrystals: A ((n-C 4H9)4N)2Mo6Br [email protected] hybrid, Advanced Materials, 20(9), 1710–1715, 2008

[4] Water-in-oil microemulsion preparation and characterization of Cs 2[Mo6X14]@SiO2 phosphor nanoparticles based on transition metal clusters (X = Cl, Br, and I), Advanced Materials, 20(1),143–148, 2008

[5] From ZnO Colloids to Nanocrystalline Colored ZnxTiyOw-zNz - Spinel Films. Advanced Materials, 17(3), 294, 2005
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Member since May 19, 2011
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Address: Campus de Beaulieu, 10A, F-35042
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