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Jaime S. Valente

R & D
Mexican Petroleum Institute


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rehydration conditions and Mg/Al molar ratio on Brönsted basicity”
Aceptado en Journal of Catalysis, 279 (2011) 196–204.

46 M. L. Guzmán-Castillo, H. Armendáriz-Herrera, P. Pérez-Romo, F. Hernández-Beltrán, S. Ibarra, J. S. Valente and J. J. Fripiat
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Aceptado en Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, Enero 2011.

47 Dongho Park, Seong-Su Kim, Thomas J. Pinnavaia, Francisco Tzompantzi, Julia Prince, and Jaime S. Valente. “Selective Isobutene Oligomerization by Mesoporous MSU-SBEA Catalysts” Aceptado en Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Febrero 2011.

48 Heriberto Pfeiffer, Tatiana Ávalos-Rendón, Enrique Lima and Jaime S. Valente
“Thermochemical and Cyclability Analyses of the CO2 Absorption Process on a Ca/Al Layered Double Hydroxide”
Aceptado en el Journal of Environmental Engineering, Marzo 2011.
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