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Mahmoud Abbasi

Applied Chemistry
Mazandaran University


Nanocomposite for environmental,


1- M. Abbasi*, N. Razzaghi Asl., �Sonochemical Degradation of Basic Blue 41 Dye Assisted by NanoTiO2 andH2O2�, Journal of Hazardous Materials. 153 (2008) 942�947.\n
2- J.Basiri Parsa, M. Abbasi., �Decolorization of Synthetic and Real Wastewater by Indirect Electrochemical Oxidation Process�, Acta Chim. Slov. 2007, 54, 792� 796.\n
3 -J. B. Parssa, M.Abbasi*, �Response surface methodology for optimizing the sonocatalytic degradation of Basic Blue 41� Central European journal of chemistry .8(5) 2010. 1069-1077\n
4- M. Abassi* , N. Razzaghi asl., � Economic Removal of Hazardous Reactive Blue19 Dye from Aqueous Solutions via by Agricultural waste�, Journal of Iranian Chemical Research. Accepted .\n
5-J. Basiri Parsa , H. Rezaei Vahidian, A.R. Soleymani and M. Abbasi, �Removal of Acid Brown 14 in aqueous media by Electrocoagulation: optimization parameters and reduction of energy consumption� �under review�.\n
6- J. Basiri Parsa, M. Abbasi, �High current efficiency of ozone production by electrochemical method on the ni-sb-sno2 coated at titanium electrode�. J.Solid state electrochemistry\n
7- J.basiri parsa, M. Abbasi, A. cornell, \" Improvment of the current efficiency of the Ti/Sn-Sb-Ni oxide via carbon nano tube for ozone generation\" journal of the electrochemical society, 159 ( 5) D265-D269 (2012).
Grade: Member

Member since June 3, 2011
Contact Details
Address: Applied chemistry Department, Faculty of chemistry, University of mazandaran ,Babolsar, Mazandaran, Iran.
Phone: +989124853593
Email: visible to members only
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