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Zahoor Samra

Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
University of the Punjab


Research Publications
a). International journals with impact factors
1. Samra, Z.Q, Umber J, Sadia G, Aleeza B, Dar N, and Athar, M.A, (2010), PCR assay targeting virulence genes of Helicobacter pylori isolated from drinking water and clinical samples in Lahore metropolitan, Pakistan. J of water and Health, DOI 10.2166/wh.2010.169.
2. Samra, Z.Q, Sana, A, Bano, S, Farooq M, Dar, N. Athar, M.A, (2010), Immunobiochemical analysis of paraoxonase1 (anti-oxidant), xanthine oxidase (oxidant) enzymes and lipid profile of cardiac disease patients in Lahore metropolitan, Pakistan. J Clin Lab Anal, 24, 348-356.
3. Samra, Z.Q, Shabir S, Rehmat Z, Zaman M, Nazir A, Dar N and Athar, M.A, (2009), Synthesis of Cholesterol-Conjugated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Purification of Human Paraoxonase 1. Appl. Biochem. Biotech. 162:671- 686.
4. Samra Z.Q, Naseem M, Khan S.J, Dar N, Athar M.A. (2009). PCR Targeting of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Public Drinking Water of Lahore Metropolitan, Pakistan. Biomed. Environ, Sci. 22; 269-277.
5. Samra, Z.Q, Athar, M.A, (2009), Noval Synthesis of Mannosamine Conjugated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Purification and Stabilization of Human Lysosomal β-Mannosidase. Biotech. Biopro. Engineering, 14: 651-661
6. Samra, Z.Q, Athar, M.A, (2008), Cloning, sequence, expression and characterization of human β-mannosidase. Acta Biochim. Pol. 55 (3); 479–490.
7. Ashraf, M. and Z. Q. Samra. (1993). Subcellular distribution of xanthine oxidase during cardiac ischemia and reperfusion: An immunocytochemical study. J. Submicroscopic Cytology & Pathology. 25 (2): 193-201.
8. Samra, ZQ. T. Oguro, RN. Fontaine, M. Ashraf. (1991). Immunocytochemical localization of xnthine oxidase in rat myocardium. J. Submicrosc. Cytology & Pathology.23(3): 379-390.3.
b). National journals with impact factors
1. Samra, Z.Q, Athar, M.A, (2008), Production and immunocomparative study of human lysosomal β-mannosidase antibodies. Pak.J. Zool , 40(3): 185-192.
2. Samra, Z.Q, Aslam, M.S, Shaukat, H, Dar, N and Athar, M.A, (2007), Development of diagnostic dipstrip immunoassay using antibodies of PreS2 region of Hepatitis B surface Antigen. Pak.J. Zool , 39 (3): 185-190.
3. Samra, Z.Q, Siddique Z., Dar, N and Athar, M.A, (2006), Immunochemical detection of PreS2 epitope of Hepatitis B surface Antigen. Pak.J. Zool , 38 (4): 291-296.
4. Samra, Z.Q, Mirza, S.N, Dar, N, Mahmood, Z and Athar, M.A, (2006), Characterization of Lactate dehydrogenase enzyme immobilized to Magnetic Nanoparticles, Pak.J. Zool, 38 (4): 327-332.
5. M. A. Athar, Shazia Mirza, Z.Q. Samra, (2002), Subcellular distrubution of steroid hormone receptors function, Pak.J. Zool, 34 (1),35-41.
6. Samra, Z. Q. and Z. Siddique. (2000). Production of human MAbs against hepatitis B surface antigen. Pak. J. Zool, 31(3),252-256.
7. Siddique, Z. and Z. Q. Samra. (1999). Establishment of human B-lymphoblastoid cell lines against HBsAg. Pak. J. Zool., 31(2): 121-127.
c). National journals
1. Samra, Z. Q. and Siddique, Z. (1998). Distribution of xanthine oxidase in calcium paradox conditioning of rat heart. Punjab Univ. J. Zool., 13: 89-98.
2. Samra, Z. Q. and Cross, K. J. (1995). Purification and Characterization of NPT-II Proceedings, Genetic Engineering and Medical Molecular Biology. pp 137-139.
3. Samra, Z. Q., N. Ikram, R. Parveen, M.I. Akhtar and A.M. Khan, (1987), Composition of Gallstones of Patients of Multan region. J. Pure and Applied Science. 7 (1): 1-9.
Grade: Member

Member since June 22, 2011
Contact Details
Address: IBB, Quaid-A-Azam Campus,University of the Punjab
Phone: 0429-9230355
Email: visible to members only
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