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Sigitas Tamulevicius

Institute of Materials Science
Kaunas University of Technology


1.Š.Meškinis, K.Šlapikas, R.Gudaitis, S.Tamulevičius, V.Kopustinskas, A.Guobienė, G.Niaura SiOx-doped DLC films:Charge transport, dielectric properties and structure // Vacuum Volume 82, Issue 6, 2008, Pages 617-622
2.J. Puišo, I. Prosyčevas, A. Guobienė, S. Tamulevičius, Plasmonic properties of silver in polymer // Materials Science and Engineering B Volume 149, Issue 3, 2008, Pages 230-236
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4.D.Adlienė, J.Laurikaitienė, M.Andrulevičius, A. Guobienė, Š.Meškinis, I.Cibulskaitė, S.Tamulevičius Mechanical properties of the X-ray irradiated DLC films containing SiOx as a constructive element for radiation detectors // Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, part A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, ISSN: 0168-583X, ELSEVIER, doi:10.1016/j.nima.2008.03.053 Volume 591, Issue 1, 2008, Pages 188-191
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6.D. Adlienė, J. Laurikaitienė and S. Tamulevičius Modification of amorphous DLC films induced by MeV photon irradiation // Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, Volume 266, Issues 12-13, June 2008, Pages 2788-2792, doi: 10.1016/j.nimb.2008.03.118
7.K. Sliuziene, I. Cerniuke, R. Butkute, V. Lisauskas, B. Vengalis, S. Tamulevicius, M. Andrulevicius, R. Lygaitis, J. V. Grazulevicius, and A. Undzenas, Formation and Electrical Properties of Metal/Organic Semiconductor/Si Heterostructures Based on Naphthalene Diimide-Based Compounds, // Molecular Crystals & Liquid Crystals, Vol. 497, pp. 154-163, 2008, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, ISSN: 1542-1406, (DOI: 10.1080/15421400802459009)
8.S. Mickevičius, V. Bondarenka, S. Grebinskij, H. Tvardauskas, M. Andriulevičius, S. Tamulevičius and S. Kačiulis The metals chemical states in hydrated vanadium oxides // Micron, , ISSN: 0968-4328, ELSEVIER Volume 40, Issue 1, 2009, Pages 126-129,
9.Alexander A. Rogacheva, Sigitas Tamulevičius, Alexander V. Rogachev, Maxim A. Yarmolenko and Igoris Prosycevas The structure and molecular orientation of polytetrafluoroethylene coatings deposited from active gas phase // Applied Surface Science Volume: 255 Issue: 15, 2009, Pages: 6851-6856
10.Aleksandras Iljinas, Irmantas Mockevičius, Mindaugas Andrulevičius, Šarūnas Meškinis, Sigitas Tamulevičius Growth of ITO thin films by magnetron sputtering: OES study, optical and electrical properties // Vacuum, Volume 83, Supplement 1, 2009, Pages S118-S120
11.Š. Meškinis, M. Andrulevičius, K. Šlapikas, A. Iljinas, R. Gudaitis, J. Puišo, S. Tamulevičius Growth and properties of the ion beam deposited SiOx containing DLC films // Vacuum, Volume 83, Supplement 1, 2009, Pages S121-S123
12.S. Tamulevicius, L. Augulis, G. Janusas, A. Guobiene, L. Puodziukynas, G. Vanagas Mechanical and surface topography changes during mechanical testing of diffraction optical elements in polymer // Experimental techniques Volume: 34 Issue: 1 Published: January/February 2010 Pages: 55-62, ISSN: 0732-8818, Oxford OX4 2XG United Kingdom, Blackwell Publishing,
13.Tomas Tamulevicius, Rimas Seperys, MindaugasAndrulevicius, Sigitas Tamulevicius, Laser beam shape effect in optical control of the -fluidic channel depth employing scatterometry // Optics and Lasers in Engineering vol.48 (2010) pp. 664-670;
14.Š. Meškinis, V. Kopustinskas, A. Tamulevičienė, S. Tamulevičius, G. Niaura, J. Jankauskas, R. Gudaitis, Ion beam energy effects on structure and properties of diamond like carbon films deposited by closed drift ion source // Vacuum, ISSN: 0042-207X, Imprint: PERGAMON, vol.84 (2010) p. 1133–1137
15.Š. Meškinis, R. Gudaitis, V. Kopustinskas, S. Tamulevičius, K. Šlapikas Piezoresistive, optical and electrical properties of diamond like carbon and carbon nitride films // Diamond and Related Materials, 19 (2010) 1249–1253
16.Vladimir Zaporojtchenko, V.S.K. Chakravadhanula, Franz Faupel, Sigitas Tamulevicius, Mindaugas Andrulevicius, Asta Tamuleviciene, Liudvikas Augulis, Residual stress in polytetrafluoroethylene-metal nanocomposite films prepared by magnetron sputtering // Thin Solid Films, 518 (2010) 5944–5949
17.Tomas Tamulevičius, Rimas Šeperys, Mindaugas Andrulevičius, Vitoldas Kopustinskas, Šarūnas Meškinis, Sigitas Tamulevičius, Refractive index sensor based on the diamond like carbon diffraction grating // Thin Solid Films, Vol. 519, Issue 12, 2011, p. 4082-4086
18.Asta Tamulevičienė, Šarūnas Meškinis, Vitoldas Kopustinskas, Sigitas Tamulevičius, Multilayer amorphous hydrogenated carbon (a-C:H) and SiOx doped a-C:H films for optical applications // Thin Solid Films, Vol. 519, Issue 12, 2011, p. 4004-4007
19.T. Tamulevičius, R. Šeperys, M. Andrulevičius, S. Tamulevičius, Total internal reflection based sub-wavelength grating sensor for the determination of refractive index of liquids // Photonics and Nanostructures - Fundamentals and Applications, Volume 9, Issue 2, April 2011, Pages 140-148
20.A. Ibenskas, A. Galdikas, Š. Meškinis, M. Andrulevičius, S. Tamulevičius, Ion beam deposition of amorphous hydrogenated carbon films on amorphous silicon interlayer: Experiment and simulation // Diamond and Related Materials, vol.20, 2011, p.693-702;
21.Andrius Vasiliauskas , Šarūnas Meškinis, Sigitas Tamulevičius Negative Resistance Effect and Charge Transfer Mechanisms in the Ion Beam Deposited Diamond Like Carbon Superlattices // Materials Science (Medžiagotyra). Vol. 17, No. 1. 2011, p. 3-10.
22.D. Seliuta, J. Macutkevič, R. Adomavičius, I. Kašalynas, V. Tamošiunas, A. Krotkus, G. Valušis, Š. Meškinis, S. Tamulevičius, K. Šlapikas, and A. Gudonyte Modulation of monochromatic terahertz radiation in transmission and reflection modes using planar metamaterial // Electronics Letters, 2011; Volume 47, Issue 8, p. 503-505

Grade: Member

Member since May 31, 2011
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