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Alfred Chernyshev

General Physics
Novosibirsk State Technical University


1. A.P. Chernyshev, The Mie-Grüneisen equation of state for metal nanoparticles, Eur. Phys. J. B 79 (2011) 321–325.
2. A.P. Chernyshev, The thermodynamic properties of nanoparticles with the characteristic sizes less than 10 nm, Physics Letters A 374 (2010) 4622–4624.
3. A.P. Chernyshev, Effect of pressure on melting and solidification of metal nanoparticles, Physics Letters A 373 (2009) 1070–1073.
4. A.P. Chernyshev, Effect of hydrostatic pressure on self-diffusion in metal nanoparticles, Physica E 41 (2009) 1738–1740.
5. A.P. Chernyshev, Effect of nanoparticle size on the onset temperature of surface melting, Materials Letters 63 (2009) 1525–1527.
6. A.P. Chernyshev, Melting of surface layers of nanoparticles: Landau model, Materials Chemistry and Physics 112 (2008) 226–229.
7. B.P. Tolochko, A.P. Chernyshev, K. A. Ten et al. Physicochemical Model of Detonation Synthesis of Nanoparticles from Metal Carboxylates, The Physics of Metals and Metallography, 105 (2008) 134–140.
8. A.P. Chernyshev, L.A. Lukyanchikov, N.Z. Lyakhov et al. Physical–chemical model of nanodiamond formation at explosion, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 575 (2007) 72–74.
9. B.P. Tolochko, V.M. Titov, A.P. Chernyshev et al. Physical–chemical model of processes at detonation synthesis of nanodiamonds, Diamond & Related Materials 16 (2007) 2014–2017.
10. B.P. Tolochko, V.M. Titov, A.P. Chernyshev et al. Application of the Bachman diagram in consideration of chemical processes at chemical procecesses at detonation of an oxygen-deficient explosive, International conference “IX Khariton’s topical scientific reading’, 12 – 16 March 2007, P. 42.
Grade: Member

Member since May 13, 2011
Contact Details
Address: Department of General Physics, Novosibirsk State Technical University, prospect Karl Marx 20, Novosibirsk 630092, Russia
Phone: +73833300757
Email: visible to members only
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