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Andrey Blednov

Materials Science
Moscow State University


A.V. Blednov, O.Yu. Gorbenko, D.P. Rodionov, A.R. Kaul, Revealing the mechanism of the early stages of Ni-W RABiTS oxidation, J. Mater. Res. 2010, 25 (12), 2362-2370.

A.V. Blednov, O.Yu. Gorbenko, S.V. Samoilenkov, V.A. Amelichev, V.A. Lebedev, K.S. Napolskii and A.R. Kaul, Epitaxial Calcium and Strontium Fluoride Films on Highly Mismatched Oxide and Metal Substrates by MOCVD: Texture and Morphology, Chem. Mater. 2010, 22 (1), 175–185.

A.V. Blednov, O.Yu.Gorbenko, S.V. Samoilenkov, R.Yu. Muydinov, A.R. Kaul, MOCVD of epitaxial alkali-earth fluorides thin films, ECS Trans. 2009, 25 (8), 453-458.

A.V. Blednov, O.Yu. Gorbenko, A.R. Kaul, S.V. Samoilenkov, R.Yu. Muydinov, A.V. Garshev, Solid-phase epitaxy of alkali-earth fluorides with fluorite structure, Doklady Chemisrty 2009, 428, 213-217.

O. Stadel, R. Muydinov, H. Keune, J. Schmidt, A. Blednov, G. Dosovitsky, S. Samoylenkov, O. Gorbenko, A. Kaul, G. Kotzyba, R. Nast and W. Goldacker, MOCVD of coated conductors on RABiTS, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 2008, 97, 012158.

V.M. Schastlivtsev, I.V. Gervas’eva, D.P. Rodionov, Yu.V. Khlebnikova, G.A. Dosovitskii, A.V. Blednov, O.Yu. Gorbenko, A.R. Kaul’, M.N. Sivkov, A.S. Shtyrlov, Ribbon Epitaxial Substrates Made of Ni–Pd and Ni–W–Pd Alloys for Second-Generation High-Temperature Superconductors, Doklady Chemistry 2007, 412, 24-27.
Grade: Member

Member since May 13, 2011
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Address: room 551, Inorg.Chem.Chair, Chem.Dept., Vorobievy Gory 1, bldg. 3, Moscow 119991, Russia
Phone: +7-903-1511366
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