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Farid Fakhrievich Umarov

Department of Geology and Earth Physics
Kazakh-British Technical University


The main fields of scientific interests of Professor Farid F. Umarov are Physical Electronics, Physics of Solid Surface, Interaction of Atomic Particles with Solid Surface, Nanotechnology, Computer Simulation of Physical Processes. For the last 40 years I had studied the atomic particles scattering, sputtering and channeling processes on the solid surfaces and thin films. For the first time, our group created a theory of scattering of low-energy atomic particles by a solid surface and layer-by-layer surface sputtering and modification. Theoretical models and methods of computer simulation of processes of scattering, sputtering and channeling of atoms and ions on real surfaces and subsurface layers on solids and coatings have been developed. On the basis of performed researches our group developed new methods of diagnostics, modification and control over local composition, structure and state of surfaces of one- and multi-component metal and semiconductor crystals. The development of a theoretical foundation for the diagnostics and modification of the composition and structure of the crystal surfaces is one of the important problems in present-day implantation metallurgy, thin film fabrication, micro- and nanotechnology. I have published more than 300 papers including more than 30 papers in various international scientific journals with high impact factor as well as International Conferences Proceedings. In 1993, we have also published the following fundamental monograph: Parilis E.S., Kishinevsky, L.M., Umarov F.F., et al. â




1. Monograph: E.S. Parilis, L.M. Kishinevsky, N.Yu. Turaev, B.E. Baklitsky, F.F. Umarov, V.Kh. Verleger, S.L. Nizhnaya and I.S. Bitensky. Atomic Collisions on Solid Surfaces. North-Holland Publ., 1993, 664P.
2. F.F. Umarov , A.A. Dzhurakhalov. Additional Enhancement of 180 backscattering in ICISS. Surf. Review and Letters, 1997, Vol.4, N5, p. 1043.
3. F.F. Umarov, A.A. Dzhurakhalov, N.A. Teshabaeva. Formation of Recoil Atoms and layer-by-layer Sputtering of the single crystal Surface under Ion bombardment at grazing angles. Applied Surface Science, 1998, Vol.125, p.221.
4. F.F. Umarov , A.A. Dzhurakhalov. Anomalous inelastic energy losses and trajectory effects at small angle Ion scattering by single crystal Surface. Nucl. Instrum. Meth. Phys.Res., 1998, Vol.B136-138, p.1092.
5. F.F. Umarov, A.M. Rasulov, A.A. Dzhurakhalov. Small angle Ion scattering by structures on the single crystal Surface corresponding to initial stages of adsorption. Nucl. Instrum. Meth. Phys.Res., 1998, Vol.B136-138, p.1116.
6. F.F. Umarov, A.A. Dzhurakhalov. Chain Effect for the inverse mass ratio of colliding particles in grazing Ion-Surface Interactions. Surface and Coating Technology, 1998, Vol.103-104, p.16.
7. F.F.Umarov , A.A. Dzhurakhalov. Investigation of the dynamics of changes of the CuAu(100) Surface in the course of ordering by low energy Ion scattering. Nucl. Instrum. Meth. Phys.Res., B161-163, 2000, p.377.
8. F.F. Umarov, N. Narkulov, F.B. Abdulkasymov. Inelastic energy losses of low energy Ions, scattered on Atoms in Gas and on the Solid Surface. Nucl. Instrum. Meth. Phys.Res., B164-165, 2000, p.656.
9. F.F.Umarov , A.A. Dzhurakhalov. Computer simulation of Ion Implantation at grazing Ion-Surface Interactions. IEEE Journal, 2001, p.217.
10. F.F.Umarov , A.A. Dzhurakhalov, U.O. Kutliev, B.S. Kalandarov. The Ion dechanneling Mechanism in grazing scattering on the Surface atomic steps. IEEE Journal, 2001, p.232.
11. F.F. Umarov, F.G. Dhzurabekova, S.V. Yugay. Computer simulation of Ion Implantation with visual observations of the implantation Processes. IEEE, 2001, p.228.
12. F.F. Umarov, N.N. Bazarbaev, L.B. Kudryashova, N.M. Krylov. On Mechanism of low energy heavy Ions scattering on the target Surface with small atomic mass. Nucl. Instrum. Meth. Phys.Res., B196, 2002, p.155.
13. F.F. Umarov, F.G. Dhzurabekova, B.E. Umirzakov, Y. Miyagawa. Effect of high dose low energy reactive Ion Implantation on cold cathode properties. Nucl. Instrum. Meth. Phys.Res., B206, 2003, p.194.
14. F.F. Umarov, A.M. Rasulov, A. Kh. Khaidarov. Ranges and profiles of distribution of low energy Ions channeling in Metal and Semiconducnor single crystals. Rad. Effects and Defects in Solids, 2003, Vol.158, p.481.
15. F.F.Umarov , A.A. Dzhurakhalov, U.O. Kutliev. Low energy Ion scattering by atomic steps on the single crystal Surface. Rad. Effects and Defects in Solids, 2004, Vol.159, p.293.
16. K.M. Mukashev and F.F. Umarov. Hydrogen behavior in electron-irradiated titanium alloys studied by positron annihilation method. Rad. Effects and Defects in Solids, 2007, Vol.162, p.415.
17. K.M. Mukashev, B.A. Tronin and F.F. Umarov. Behavior of structure defects and hydrogen in neutron-irradiated stainless steel studied by positron annihilation method. Rad. Effects and Defects in Solids, 2009, Vol.164, p.611.
18. F.F. Umarov, N.N. Bazarbaev and F.G. Dhzurabekova. The Peculiarities of the low energy Ion scattering by polycrystal targets. Applied Surface Science, 2009, Vol.255, p.6918.
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