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Fryad Henari

Basic Medical Sciences
Royal College of Surgeons in Irelan Medical University Of bahrain


1- F. Henari, E. C. Finch, C.F.G. Delaney

The Influence of Inhomogeneities In Material Properties in Silicon Radiation Detectors. Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A .288 439-450, 1990.
Impacted factor =1.114

2- F. Henari, W. Blau .

Nonlinear Optical Response of Amorphous Si:H, " 20th International Conference on Physics of Semiconductor"
Vol.3 page 2099, Thesaloniki, Greece, August 1990

3- F. Henari, J. Callaghan, H. Stiel, W. Blau, D.J. Cardin

Intensity Dependent Absorption and Resonant Optical Nonlinearity of C60 and C70.,Chem. Phys. Lett. 199 (1,2) 144 1992.
Impact Factor = 2.207

4- F. Henari, W Blau
Nonlinear Response Of Amorphous Si:H., J. Appl. Phys. 72 (5) 1992.
Impact Factor = 2.171.

5- K. Puech, F. Henari, W. Blau, D. Cardin, D. Duff, and P. Edwards.

Nonlinear Optical Transmission of Nanometric Gold Colloids and it's
dependence on particle size, Physics and Chemistry of Finite Systems: From Clusters to Crystals, vol II, 989-993, 1992. Proc. of the NATO Advanced Research by P. Jena

6- F. Henari, S. Mac Namara, O. Stevenson, J. Callaghan, D. Weldon, W Blau

Low Power Nonlinear Optical Response of C60 and C70 solutions,
Advanced. Materials. 5 No.12 930 1993.
Impact Factor = 8.191

7- J. Callaghan, D. N. Weldon, F. Z. Henari, W. Blau, and D. J. Cardin.

Nonlinear Optical Properties of Metal Fullerene Derivatives,
"Electronic Properties of Fullerenes", Eds H. Kuzmany, J. Fink,
M. Mehring and S. Roth, Springer,Series in Solid State Sciences,
Berlin, 117, 307,1993.

8- Fryad. Z. Henari, Declan N. Weldon and Werner. J. Blau

Nearly Resonant Third-Order Optical Nonlinearity in C60 cast Films. by P. Jena Advanced Materials for Optics and Electronics. Vol. 4, p. 413- 416 1994.

9- Fryad. Z. Henari and Werner. J. Blau

Excimer Laser Surface Treatment for Improved Adhesion.
Appl. Opt. Vol 34, No 3, P.581-584 1995.
Impact facto = 1.701

10- Fryad. Z. Henari, Karl Cazzini, Fathi Al-Akkari and Werner. J. Blau

Beam Waist Changes in Lithium Niobate During Z-Scan
Measurements, J. of Appl. Phys 78 1373 1995.
Impact Factor = 2.17

11- K. Puech. F. Henari, W Blau, D, Duff, and G. Schmid.

Investigation of the Ultrafast Dephasing Time of Gold Nanoparticles
using Inchoherent light Chem. Phys. Lett 249 1995 13-17
Impact factor = 2.207

12- Fryad Henari, Kai Morgenstern, Werner Blau V. A. Karavanski, and V. S. Dneprovski,

Nonlinear Optical Properties and All-Optical Switches in Pours
Silicon Appl. Phys. Lett 67, 3 (17th July 1995).Appl. Phys. Lett.
Impact factor = 3.977

13- K. Puech. F. Henari, W Blau, D. Duff, and G. Schmid

Intensity Dependent Absorption Measurements on Colloidal
Solutions of Gold Nanoparticles, Euro. Phys. Lett. 32, 119, 1995.
Impact factor =2.206

14- Fryad Z. Henari, Karl Cazzini, Declan Weldon, and Werner Blau.
All Optical Switching based on Intensity Induced Absorption in
C60. Appl. Phys. Lett. Vol. 68, 619,1996.
Impact factor = 3.977

15- A. P. Davey, E. Bourdin, F. Henari and W Blau

Three Photon Induced Fluorescence from a conjugated Polymer for
Infrared Frequency Upconversion. Appl. Phys. Lett. Vol. 67, No.7,1995.
Impact factor = 3.977

16- F. Z. Henari W. J. Blau

Low Power Continuous Wave Nonlinearities and All Optical Switching in Fullerene
SPIE proceedings Vol.2854,174, 1996, Fullerenes and Photonics III, Editor Z.H. Kafafi
Impact factor=

17- Olega b. Mavritsky, Andrey N. Egorov, Anatoly N. Petrovsky, V yakubovsky, Werner J. Blau, Declan, N. Weldon, Fryad Z. Henari

Third- order Nonlinearrity of C60 and C70 and their metal derivatives under picosecond laser excitation, SPIE proceedings Vol. 2854, 254, 1996, Fullerenes and Photonics III Editor Z. H. Kafafi.
Impact factor=
18- Lionel R. Milgrom, Gokhan Yahioglu, Duncan W. Bruce, Stephania Morrone,
Fryad Henari, Werner Blau.

Mesogenic Zn(II) Complexes of 5,10.15.20 Tetraarylethynyl- Substituted Porphyrins.
Adv. Mater Vol.9 No.4. 313 1997.
Impact Factor = 8.191

19- F. Henari, W. Blau, L. Milgram, G. Yahieglu, D. Philips, J. Lacey,

Third -Order Nonlinearity in Zn (II) Complexes of 5,10,15,20- Tetraarylethynyl substituted. Chem. Phys. Lett . vol. 267, 229-233, 1997.
Impact Factor = 2.207

20- F. Z. Henari, W. J. Blau, P. Haisch and M. Hanack.

One Photon Resonant Optical Nonlinearity of Soluble substituted Ni and Pt
Phthalocyanines Pure Appl. Opt. Vol. 6 741 -748, 1997.
Impact factor= 1.75

21- S. J. Martin, D. D. C. Bradley , X. Long. F. Qureshi, A, S. Dhindsa, A. E. Underhill, C. Jakobsen, J. C. Petersen, T. Geisler, W. Blau, A. P. Davey. D. Gray and F. Z. Henari.

Nonlinear Optical Study of Selected Group 10 Metal Ditholene and Diimine Complex.
Nonlinear Optics, Vol. 18, 41 55, 1997.
Impact Factor =

22- F. Henari, and W Blau

Third Order Nonlinearity in Guinness. Phot. Sci. News, vol. 2, 10-13, 1998

23 F. Henari , A.Drury, A.P. Davey, W. J. Blaue, A.Akkari, J. Barrau, A. Castel, T.
Elamraui, J. Hockemeyer, G. Rima, and J. Satage.
Synthesis and Nonlinear Optical Studies on some new Germanium and Tin Polymers.
Appl. Organomet. Chem. Vol. 1, 513-521, 1997.
Impact Factor =

24- Fryad Z. Henari, Kevin P. Kretsch, Werner J. Blau,H. Rost, S. Pfeiffer, A.
Teuschel, H. Tillmann, H. H. Horhold
Laser Emission from solutions of PPV-Derivatives and Stilbenoid Model Compounds, Photonic Science News, vol. 4 Issue 1, 5-8, 1998.
Impact factor=

25- Qureshi, S. J, Martin X. Long, D.D.C. Bradley, F.Z Henari, W. Blau, E.C. Smith, C.H. Wang. A.K. Kar,H. L. Anderson
Photonic Science News
Optical limiting Properties of a Zinc Porphyrin Polymer and its Dimer and Monomer Model Compounds, Chem. Phys. 231, 87-94, 1998.
Impact factor=

26- Karl Cazzini,, Fryad Z. Henari, Fathi Al-Akkari and Werner J. Blau.

Experimental Observation of Dark Spatial Solitons in a planner Polymer wave Guide, Photonic Science News vol. 4 Issue 4, 5-7, 1998.
Impact factor=

27- Fryad Z. Henari, Hacene Manaa, Kevin P. Kretsch, Werner J. Blau, H. Rost, S. Pfeiffer, A. Teuschel, H. Tillmann, H. H. HÖrhold,

Effective Stimulated Emission and Excited State Absorption Measurements
in Phenylene-Vinylene Oligomer (1,4-Bis-(alpha-cyanostyryl)-2,5-dimethoxybenzene)) Chem. Phys. Lett. Vol. 307 Issue 3-4, 163-166 1999.
Impact factor= 2.207

28- F. Henari, A. Davey, W. Blau, P. Haish , M. Hanack

The Electronic and Non-linear Optical Properties of -oxo Titanium Phthalocyanines, Journal of Prophyrins and Phthalocyanies, 3-4, 163-166, 1999.
Impact factor=

29- Kevin P. Kretsch, Werner J. Blau, Fryad Z. Henari, H. Rost, S. Pfeiffer, A. Teuschel, H. Tillmann, H. H. HÖrhold,
Amplified Spontaneous Emission and Optical Gain Spectra from Stilbenoid and PPV Model compounds. J. Appl. Phys, 86(11), 6155, (1999).
Impact factor = 2.17

30- S. M. Shawqi, S. AL-Alawi, H. Manaa, R. Bannai, F. Z. Henari
Photoluminescence and optical properties of Novel Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Sulphur-Fluorine Alloys, J.Electro. Chem. Soc.Porc.35,Vol. 98-24, 1999.
Impact factor=

31- Hacene Manaa, Fryad Z. Henari, , Kevin P. Kretsch, Werner J. Blau, H. Rost, S. Pfeiffer, A. Teuschel, H. Tillmann, and H. H. HÖrhold,
Laser gain and excited-state absorption measurements in Phenylene-Vinylene Journal of Luminescence,.87-89, 754-756 (2000).
Impact factor=

32- E Bourdin F. Henari ,W. Blau and John M. kelly

Linear and nonlinear Optical spectroscopy of Cds nanoparticles in Nafion membrance
J. of Telecomm. and Inform. Tech. 1-2, 29 (2000).
Impact factor=

33- Kevin P. Kretsch, Colin Belton, Stephen Lipson,Werner J. Blau, Fryad Z. Henari, Steffen Pfeiffer, , Hartwig Tillmann, Hans- Heinrich HÖrhold
Optical gain spectra from doped polymeric waveguides,
Synthetic metals 111-112, 567-570 (2000).
Impact factor=

34- J. Callaghan, , W. Blau and F. Z. Henari,

Picosecond reverse saturable absorption and optical limiting in fullerenes and their metal derivatives. Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials Vol. 9, No.4 , 505, 2000.
Impact factor= 0.496?

35- Fryad Zeki Henari

Optical switching in organometallic phthalocyanine. J. Opt.A Pure Applied Optics 3 (2001) 188-190.
Impact factor= 1.75

36- W. J. Blau, S. Maier, A. Drury, E. Bourdin, F. Z. Henari,

Model study in molecular engineering for nonlinear photonic devices: poly (arylene vinylene) and poly (arylene ethynylene) copolymers (Invited Paper), Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 4461 ,36, 2001.

37- Fryad Zeki Henari and Werner Blau,

Non-Linear Optical Properties of oxo Titanium Phthalocyanines. J. Fac. Sci., U.A.E. University Vol 12A 45, 2002.
Impact factor=

38- Hacene Manaa, Fryad Z. Henari, Ahmed Al Saie Anna Drury Takeyuki Kobayashi and Werner Blau.

Light amplification and lasing in meta phenylene vinylene copplymer , J. of Appl. Phys. 93, Issue 4, pp. 1871-1873, 2003.
Impact factor = 2.17

39- H. Manaa , Fryad. Z. Henari , Ahmed Al-Saie , Stefanie Maier, Werner J. Blau,

The Optical gain and Effective stimulated emission cross-section of dimethoxy-PmPV and dimethyl-PmPV-ONV copolymers in Toluene Solution J. Opt.A Pure Applied Optics 5, 341-344, 2003.
Impact factor= 1.75

40- A..A. Dakhil and Fryad Z. Henari,

Characterization of thermally evaporated thin CdO films, Crys. Res. Technol 38, 11, 979, 2003.
Impact factor=

41- S. Al- Dallal, F. Z. Henari, S. M. Alawi, S. R. Arekat , H Manna

Optical Switching in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Sulfur Alloy Prepared by glow- Discharge, J. of Non-Cryst. Solids, Vols 345-346, 302-305, 2004.
Impact factor= 1.362

42- Hacen e Manna Fryad Z. Henari , Ahmed al-Saei , Stefanie Maier and
Werner Blau,

Effective Stimulation Emission Cross-Section of poly ( phenylene vinylene)
Copolymer in toluene solution Optical Quantum Electronics 36 819, 2004.
Impact factor= 0.718
43- F. Z. Henari,
Gain Measurements in Dye Doped Poly Viniyl- Pyrrolidone Polymer, Laser physics, Vol. 15 No. 3, 419, 2005.
Impact factor= 0.696
44- Fryad Z. Henari,

Two photon absorption of pours Silicon, Laser Physics, Vol.15, No 12, 1634, 2005.
Impact factor= 0.696

45- A.A. Dakhel, Y Ali- Mohamed Ahmed. F. Z. Henari,

Structural and optical studies of evaporated Bis-(dimethyglyoximato) nickel(II) thin films, Optical Materials vol.28, 925-929, 2006.

46- F. Z. Henari , A. Al Saie,

Nonlinear refractive index measurement and self – action effect in Roselle-Hibicus Sabdariffa solution. Laser Physics, Vol. 16 N0. 12, 1664-1667, 2006.

Impact factor= 0.696

47- Fryad Z. Henari, Ahmed Y. Ali-Mohamed,

Non- linear Refractive index Measurement of Tris (acetylacetonato) Manganese(III) solution Optics and Laser Technology 40, 602-606, 2008.

48- F. Z.. Henari, Dakhel A. A.,

Linear and non-linear optical properties of gold nanoparticles -EU oxide composite thin film. Journal of Applied Physics 104, 33110 (2008)
Impact factor= 2.171

49- Fryad Z. Henari,

Optical Nonlinearity in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon-Selenium film
Optics Communications 281, 5894-5897 (2008).
Impact factor= 1.48

50- Henari. F. Z., Dakhel A. A.,

Linear and Non linear Optical properties of Hydrogenated CdO Thin Films
Laser Physics, issue vol. No.12, 1557,(2008).
Impact factor= 0.696

51- F. Z. Henari, K. Culligan

The Influence of pH in Nonlinear Refractive Index Measurement of Bromophenol Blue Indicator Physics Inter. 1(1) :27-30 (2010).

52- F. Z. Henari, Dakhel A. A,
Investigation of nonlinear Optical properties of gold nano nanograins embedded in Indium oxide films by reflection Z- scan using Continuos laser J Appl. Phys. 108, 12 123109- 1231095 (2010)

53- Dakhel A. A, F. Z. Henari,
Optical and structural properties of silver nanoparticles embedded in indium oxide films. Accepted By (International Journal of Nanoscience. Vol.10, No.2 (2011)

54- F. Z. Henari
Nonlinear characterization and Optical Switching in Bromophenol Blue solutions” send for publication. In optoelectronics and advance materials

55- F. Z. Henari, Dakhel A. A.,

Observation of simultaneous reverse saturation absorption and saturation nonlinear absorption in silver nanoparticles incorporated into europium oxide thin flim (Optical communication 284 ,651-655 (2011).

56- Mohammed A. Almuqammam(1), Mohamed A. Ebrahim ,H. A. Radhi, Fryad Z. Henari
Refractive Errors in the Bahrain Population, Middle East Journal of Family Medicine, Volume 9, Issue 2, pages 7-11, February /March 2011 –

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