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Giorgio Lanzani

Thule Institute
University of Oulu


2007 G. Lanzani, R. Martinazzo, G. Materzanini, I.Pino and G.F. Tantardini, “Chemistry at surfaces: from ab initio structure to quantum dynamics”, Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 117 (2007) 805;

2008 G. Lanzani and K. Laasonen, “SO2 and its fragment on a Cu(110) surface”,
 Surf. Sci. 602 (2008) 321;

2009 G. Lanzani T. Kangas and K. Laasonen, “Copper passivation by metal doping”, 
 Journal of Alloys and Compounds 482 (2009) 33;

2009 G. Lanzani, A.G. Nasibulin, K. Laasonen and E.I. Kauppinen, “CO disproportionation on a nanosized
 iron cluster”, J. Phys. Chem. C, Vol. 113, No. 30, 2009 Letters;

2009 G. Lanzani, A.G. Nasibulin, K. Laasonen and E.I. Kauppinen, “CO dissociation and CO+O 
 reactions on a nanosized iron cluster” Nano Res. 2(8), 660 (2009);

2010 G. Lanzani and K. Laasonen, “NH3 dissociation on a nanosized iron cluster”, 
 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 35 (2010) 6571;

2010 G. Lanzani, T. Susi, P. Ayala, T. Jiang, A.G. Nasibulin, T. Bligaard, T. Pichler, K. Laasonen and 
 E.I. Kauppinen, “Mechanism study of floating catalyst CVD synthesis of SWCNTs”, 
 Phys. Status Solidi B, Volume 247, Issue 11-12, pages 2708–2712, December 2010;

2011 T. Susi, A. Kaskela, Z. Zhu, P. Ayala, R. Arenal, Y. Tian, P. Laiho, J. Mali, A.G. Nasibulin, H. Jiang, 
 G. Lanzani, O. Stephan, K. Laasonen, T. Pichler, A. Loiseau, and E.I. Kauppinen, 
 “Nitrogen-doped single-walled carbon nanotube thin films exhibiting anomalous sheet resistances”, 
 Chem. Mater., 2011, 23 (8), pp 2201–2208;

2011 T. Susi, G. Lanzani, A.G. Nasibulin, P. Ayala, T. Jiang, T. Bligaard, K. Laasonen, and E.I. Kauppinen, 
 “Mechanism of the initial stages of nitrogen-doped single-walled carbon nanotube growth”, 
 accepted for publication on PCCP.

2011 G. Lanzani, K. Laasonen and G.F. Tantardini, “A DFT study of Atomic Oxygen Ad-layers 
 on Al(110)”, in preparation.

2011 G. Lanzani, A. Sarpola, J. Saukkoriipi, K. Laasonen, C.A. Morrison, B. Slater, J. Rämö and 
 S.O. Pehkonen, “Study of the stability of Aluminium trimeric clusters in aqueous solution”, 
 in preparation.
Grade: Member

Member since June 15, 2011
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Address: P.O. Box 7300, FIN-90014 University of Oulu
Phone: +358408764593
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