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Irshad Hussain

LUMS School of Science & Engineering, Lahore, Pakistan


30. Xin Huang, Buyi Li, Hui Zhang, Irshad Hussain, Liyun Liang and Bien Tan. Facile preparation of size-controlled gold nanoparticles using versatile and end-functionalized thioether polymer ligands. In Press in Nanoscale.

29 Irshad Hussain*, Syed Zajif Hussain, Habib-ur-Rehman, Ayesha Ihsan, Asma Rehman, Zafar M. Khalid, Mathias Brust and Andrew I. Cooper. In-Situ growth of gold nanoparticles on latent fingerprints – From forensic applications to inkjet printed nanoparticle patterns. Nanoscale, 2010, 2, 2575 - 2578

28 Irshad Hussain*, Haifei Zhang, Mathias Brust, Justas Barauskas, Andrew I. Cooper. Size-controlled emulsions directed assembly of gold nanoparticles to spherical aggregates. Journal of Colloids and Interface Science, 2010, 350, 368-372.

27 Asma Rehman, Zulfiqar Ali Raza, Saif-ur-Rehman, Zafar M. Khalid, Chandramouleeswaran Subramani, Vincent M. Rotello and Irshad Hussain*. Synthesis and use of self-assembled rhamnolipid microtubules as template for gold nanoparticles assembly to form porous gold microstructures. Journal of Colloids and Interface Science, 2010, 347, 332-335.

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2003 and earlier
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01. Aamer Saeed, Irshad Hussain, and Nasim H. Rama. “A simplified synthesis of peniolactol”. Journal of Chemical Society of Pakistan, 1996, 18(1):48.
Grade: Member

Member since May 17, 2011
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Address: LUMS School of Science & Engineering (SSE), Opposite Sector U, DHA, Lahore Cantt - 54792, Pakistan
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