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Luis Felipe Silva Oliveira

Environmental Science and Nanotechnology Department
Catarinense Institute of Environmental Research and Human Development – IPADHC


Selected puplications:

1. Silva, L.F.O. ; Querol, X. ; da Boit, K.M. ; Vallejuelo, S. Fdez-Ortiz de ; Madariaga, J.M. Brazilian Coal Mining Residues and Sulphide Oxidation by Fenton’s Reaction: an accelerated weathering procedure to evaluate possible environmental impact. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 186, 516-525, 2011.

2. Silva, L.F.O.; Oliveira, M.L.S.; Philippi, V.; Serra, C; Dai, S.; Xue, W.; Chen, W.; O’Keefe J. M. K.; Romanek, C.S.; Hopps, S.G.; Hower, J.C. Geochemistry of carbon nanotube assemblages in coal fire soot, Ruth Mullins fire, Perry County, Kentucky, International Journal of Coal Geology, 2011, doi: 10.1016/j.coal.2011.04.003

3. Silva, L.F.O.; Oliveira, M.L.S.; Neace, E.R.; O’Keefe, J.M.K.; Henke, K.R.; Hower J.C. Nanominerals and ultrafine particles in sublimates from the Ruth Mullins coal fire, Perry County, Eastern Kentucky, USA. International Journal of Coal Geology, 85, 237-245, 2011.

4. Silva, L.F.O.; DaBoit, K. Nanominerals and nanoparticles in feed coal and bottom ash: implications for human health effects. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 174, 187-197, 2011.

5. Silva, L.F.O.; Macias, F.; Oliveira, M.L.S.; da Boit, K.M.; Waanders, F. Coal Cleaning Residues and Fe-minerals Implications. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 172, 367-378, 2011.

6. Silva, L.F.O.; Hower J.C.; Izquierdo, M.; Querol, X. Complex nanominerals and ultrafine particles assemblages in phosphogypsum of the fertilizer industry and implications on human exposure. Science of the Total Environment 408, 5117-5122, 2010.

7. Ribeiro, J.; Flores D.; Ward, C.W.; Silva L.F.O. Identification of nanominerals and nanoparticles in burning coal waste piles from Portugal Science of the Total Environment 408, 6032-6041, 2010.
8. Silva, L.F.O.; DaBoit K.; Serra, C.; Mardon, S.M.; Hower, J.C.; Fullerenes and Metallofullerenes in Coal-Fired Stoker Fly Ash, Coal Combustion and Gasification Products 2, 66-79, 2010.
9. Silva, L.F.O.; Moreno, T.; X. Querol An introductory TEM study of Fe-nanominerals within coal fly ash, Science of the Total Environment: 407, 4972-4974, 2009.
Grade: Member

Member since June 22, 2011
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Address: Rua Gulhot Rodrigues, 261 apt. 503 - Bairro Comercial - Resende/RJ
Phone: +55 2433216833
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