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Stjepan Milardovic

Department for General and Inorganic Chemistry
Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology


D. Iveković*, S. Milardović, M. Roboz and B.S. Grabarić
“ Evaluation of the antioxidant activity by flow injection analysis method with electrochemically generated ABTS radical cation”
Analyst 130(5) (2005) 708-714.

S. Milardovic,* D. Iveković, V. Rumenjak and B. S. Grabarić
“Use of DPPH•│DPPH Redox Couple for Biamperometric Determination of Antioxidant Activity”
Electroanalysis 17(5) (2005) 1847-1853.

S. Milardovic,* D. Iveković and B. S. Grabarić
“A Novel Amperometric Method for Antioxidant Activity Determination Using DPPH Free Radical “
Bioelectrochemistry 68 (2006) 180-185.

S. Milardovic,* I. Kereković R. Derrico and V. Rumenjak
“A Novel Method for Flow Injection Analysis of Total Antioxidant Capacity using Enzymatically Produced ABTS•+ and Biamperometric Detector Containing Interdigitated Electrode “
Talanta 71(1) (2007) 213-220.

I. Murkovic* and S. Milardovic
“Chromogenic radical based optical sensor membrane for screening of antioxidant activity “
Talanta 71(4) (2007) 1782-1787.

S. Milardovic*, I. Kereković and V. Rumenjak
“A Flow Injection Biamperometric Method for Determination of Total Antioxidant Capacity of Alcoholic Beverages using bienzymatically produced ABTS•+ ”
Food Chemistry 105(4) (2007) 1688-1694.

S. Milardović,* I. Kereković and M. Nodilo
“ A novel biamperometric biosensor for urinary oxalate determination using flow-injection analysis”
Talanta 77(1) (2008) 222-228

A. Ninčević Grassino*, S. Milardović, Z. Grabarić, B. S. Grabarić
“Amperometric assessment of glucose electrode behaviour in mixed solvents and determination of glucose in dairy products.”
Food Chemistry 125 (4) (2011) 1335-1339.

Grade: Member

Member since May 31, 2011
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Address: Marulicev trg 19
Phone: +385 1 4597 289
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