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Aleksandra Turković

Division of Materials Physics
Rudjer Bošković Institute


LAST 10 papers

A-52 M.Lučić-Lavčević, P.Dubček, A.Turković and S.Bernstorff, Nanostructured CeO2 thin films: a SAXS study of the interface between grains and pores, Thin Solid films 515/14, 5624-5626 (2007). CC
A-53 M. Lučić-Lavčević, P. Dubček, A.Turković and S. Bernstorff, Nanostructural Depth-Profile of Vanadium/Cerium Oxide Film Hosting Lithium, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 91/7, 616-620 (2007). CC
A-54 A.Turković, M.Pavlović, P. Dubček, M. Lučić-Lavčević, B. Etlinger, S. Bernstorff, SAXS/DSC Study of Polymer Electrolyte for Zn Rechargeable Nanostructured Galvanic Cells, J. of Electrochemical Society 154/6, 554-560 (2007) CC

A-55 A.Turković, B. Orel, M. Lučić-Lavčević, P. Dubček, Z. Crnjak Orel and S. Bernstorff, GISAXS study of temperature evolution in nanostructured CeVO4 films, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 91, 1299-1304 (2007).CC

A-56 A.Turković, M. Pavlović, P. Dubček and S. Bernstorff, SAXS/DSC/WAXD Study of Zn2+-ion Conducting Polymer Electrolyte, Acta Chimica Slovenica 55, 4; 822-827(2008).CC

A-57 A. Turković, M. Rakić, P. Dubček, M. Lučić-Lavčević and S. Bernstorff, SAXS/WAXS/DSC Study of Temperature Evolution in Nanopolymer Electrolyte, Vacuum, 84, 1; 68-71 (2009).CC

A-58 M. Lončarić, J. Sancho-Paramon, M. Pavlović, H. Zorc, P. Dubček, A. Turković, S. Bernstorff, G. Jakopic, A. Haase, Optical and structural characterization of silver islands films on glass substrates, Vacuum., 84, 1; 188-192 (2010).CC

A-59 Turković, Aleksandra; Dubček, Pavo; Juraić, Krunoslav; Rakić, Mario; Bernstorff, Sigrid. SAXS/DSC/WAXD Study of γ -irradiated Polymer Electrolyte for Zn Rechargeable Nanostructured Galvanic Cells. // Journal of inorganic and organometallic polymers and materials. 21 (2011) 1-5. CC

A-60 Turković, Aleksandra; Ivanda, Mile; Bitenc, Marko; Crnjak Orel, Zorica, Influence of Lithium on Nano-films of Fe2O3. // Journal of Nanomaterials. 2011 (2011) 967307-1-967307-8. CC

A-61 Lučić Lavčević, Magdy; Turković, Aleksandra; Dubček, Pavo; Crnjak Orel, Zorica; Orel, Bojan; Bernstorff, Sigrid. // Journal of Nanomaterials. 2011 (2011) 1-7. CC

Grade: Member

Member since June 24, 2011
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Address: Bijenička 54
Phone: +385-1-4561-086
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