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Vera Kovacevic

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Department for Surface Engineering of Polymer Materials


List of publications:
Selected scientific publications:
V. Kovačević, D. Vrsaljko, S. Lučić Blagojević, M. Leskovac, Adhesion Parameters at the Interface in Nanoparticulate Filled Polymer Systems, Polym. Eng. Sci. 48 (2008) 1994-2002.
D. Vrsaljko, M. Leskovac, S. Lučić Blagojević, V. Kovačević, Interphase Phenomena in Nanoparticulate Filled Polyurethane/Poly(Vinyl Acetate) Polymer Systems, Polym.Eng.Sci, 48 (2008) 1931-1938.
D. Vrsaljko, S. Lučić Blagojević, M. Leskovac and V. Kovačević, Effect of Calcium Carbonate Particle Size and Surface Pretreatment on Polyurethane Composite Part I: Interface and Mechanical Properties, Mat.Res.Innov., 12(1) (2008) 40-46.
D. Vrsaljko, I. Šmit, V. Kovačević, Effect of calcium carbonate particle size and surface pretreatment on polyurethane composite. Part II: Phase Behavior, Mat.Res. Innov., 12(2) (2008) 72-77.
V.Kovačević, M.Leskovac, S.Lučić-Blagojević, D. Vrsaljko, Complex Adhesion Effects of Inorganic Nanofillers vs Microfillers in Polymer Composites, Macromol. Symp. 221 (2005) 11-22.
S. Lučić-Blagojević, V. Kovačević, M. Leskovac, D. Vrsaljko, V. Volovšek, Ch. Nover, Silane Pre-treatment of Calcium Carbonate Nanofillers for PU Composites, e-Polymers, no. 036 (2004), 1-14,, ISSN 1618-7229.
M. Leskovac, V. Kovačević, Sanja Lučić-Blagojević, Domagoj Vrsaljko, Vesna Volovšek, Pretreatment of CaCO3 Nanofiller by Irradiation Method in a Presence of Vinyl Monomers for PVAc Composites, e-Polymers, no. 033 (2004), 1-13,, ISSN 1618-7229.
V.Kovačević, S. Lučić, M. Leskovac, Morphology and Failure in Nanocomposites Part I: Structural and Mechanical Properties, J. Adhes. Sci. Technol., 16 (2002) 1343-1365.
V.Kovačević, M. Leskovac, S. Lučić, Morphology and Failure in Nanocomposites , Part II: Surface Investigation, J. Adhes. Sci. Technol., 16, 2002, 1915-1929.
V. Kovačević, D. Vrsaljko, W. Brostow, Tribologija polimernih materijala. Dio 1. Faktor trenja i trošenje polimernih materijala, Tribology of polymeric materials, Part 1. Friction and wear of polymeric materials, Polimeri, 30(2009) 2:76-82.
V. Kovačević, D. Vrsaljko, W. Brostow, Tribologija polimernih materijala. Dio 2. Svojstva i tribološko ponašanje, Tribology of polymeric materials, Part 2. Properties and behavior of polymeric materials, Polimeri, 30(2009)3: 130-136.
Grade: Member

Member since June 14, 2011
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Address: Savska 16
Phone: +385 1 4597 188
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