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Ceramics and Nanocomposites
Institute of Chemistry
University of Miskolc
Chemical Research Center Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Department os Applied and Environmental Chemistry
University of Szeged
Dept. of Applied and Environmental Chemistry
University of Szeged
Thalesnano Zrt.
Thin Film Physics
Research Inmstitute for Technical Physi9cs and Materials Science
Department of Electronics Technology
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Biophysics and Cell Biology
University of Debrecen
Semmelweis University
Applied & Env. Chemistry
University of Szeged
Solid State Physics
University of Debrecen
Physical Chemistry and Material Science
University of Szeged
Materials Physics
Eotvos Lorand University
Institute for Microelectronics and Technology
Obuda University
Materials Engineering
University of Pannonia
Department of Public Health
University of Szeged Faculty of Medicine
Thin Film Physics
Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science
Reaction Kinetics Research Group
University of Szeged
Physical Chemisty and Materials Science
University of Szeged

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